Paleo Diet Breakfast

The paleo diet is a popular diet which consists of foods that were eaten by those of the Paleolithic period. This means you take foods that do not consist of grains, processed foods as well as foods of high sugar content. In essence people are required to take food that is all natural consisting of many nutrients.

As most of us are related to sweet breakfast it may be a challenge to start the Paleo Diet.There are many ideas on how to have a great paleo breakfast. Some of these ideas are conferred below. One of the most common of this type of diet is eggs. Instead of the normal eggs that you usually break and eat, you can twist you breakfast a little bit.

Here are some great ideas; poached eggs, hard boiled eggs, egg salad and paleo mayonnaise. For omelets you can virtually throw any vegetable you have, this will enhance its bulkiness and could even transform into a frittata.
A fruit may simply do the trick or even a fruit smoothie. Paleo diets are known to contain fruits but that fruit could be your breakfast. Berries are great for this because of their high content of antioxidant, which may be essential for athletes.

For those who may not prefer heavy breakfast, fruit salads may be a great option for a paleo breakfast. You can make a big bowl of your best salad just for breakfast.
Lean meat was some of the most important diets that were used in the Paleolithic period.

This is because of their well known high content in protein, minerals as well as vitamins. Meats which are grass-fed are mostly recommended as they give more of fatty acids profiles. Pancakes are not considered as Paleo diet. However with a twist by changing some of the ingredient, one can make a paleo-friendly diet.

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