If you checked on the internet today, you would find out that every paleo recipe book review has something different to say about the paleo diet for athletes. Written by two of the world’s best selling authors, this diet emphasises on the importance of realising that while almost 10,000 years have gone by, human athletes still have paleolithic body structures and therefore need to eat as our ancestors did.

For the paleo diet the most important thing about food is its optimality. The premise argues that the food our ancestors ate and those that we did long after were much better for the body than most of the food we eat today. BBasically, eating the optimal foods makes us live longer healthier lives.

Athletes subject their bodies to quite a lot of strenous activity and this means that they cannot depend on the same diet as other people. This is what conceptualized the Paleo diet for athletes. A lot of energy is lost during workouts and needs to be replenished fast. The paleo diet therefore has 5 steps to be followed during an athletes normal day. The first is to eat at least two hours before a routine workout. Protein, fat and carbohydrates should be the constitution of this meal.

During long workouts, it is important to have an energy drink or two in between. This will supply the body with the necessary carbohydrates and energy. A protein and carbohydrate drink half an hour after a thorough workout is vital in the paleo diet for athletes. Commercial products or home made blends can work for this. During the next few hours after taking the recovery protein and carbohydrate drink, one is allowed to eat more carbohydrate and protein and this can be in the form of the ‘not so optimal foods’. This continues the recovery procedure until finally, the paleo diet resumes. The cycle begins again and this is essentially the paleo diet for athletes.

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