Paleo Diet

A paleo diet is a nutrition practise being propagated in this modern time that is formulated with the view of mirroring the diet that was used by early man in the Palaeolithic period. It is believed that the modern man did not vary so much from the original diet. Therefore, if one is looking for a lifestyle similar to that of the early life they can subscribe to this diet to lead that tight rope.

The food that is associated with the paleo diet is what can be described as wild food since the ancestors of man obtain their food from the wild.

They include foods like fish, beef, vegetable, fruits, fungi, nuts and roots. Grains are excluded from the set since its consumption is presumed to have started after the agrarian revolution during the Neolithic period.

However finding game meat is a challenge in this modern time due to the regulations put by authorities. Therefore, people are enforcing the diet by cultivating the crops and rearing animals only on grass as the meat will be richer in omega 3 oils than the grained raised animal meat.

Dairy is also exempted from the diet.In addition, you may decide between cooking the meal and having it raw. Since most additives found on the market are mainly processed, the food needs to be free of any of those and not even salts are to be incorporated.

Furthermore, one should drink water as refreshment and not alcohol or any other fermented or processed beverage.A paleo diet is based on the basis that the individual will be involved in aggressive energy consuming activities. This is because it foods that have high calories and one who decides to practise should have a set goal of what they intend to achieve with it. On an overall scale, it is a great experience to appreciate the diets of our ancestors since it will act as a way experiencing the early part of human life.

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