Paleo Recipes Book

The Paleo Recipe Book by Sebastian Noel provides an exhaustive resource for paleo diet plan enthusiasts. Noel includes detailed explanations of the various diets based on his personal experience making it useful for individuals that wish to transition to the paleo diet plan lifestyle. Actually, the paleo recipe books are three books in one including the paleo recipe book, the paleo meal plan with a bonus of herbs and spices guide.

The paleo recipe book contains more than 300 paleo recipes. These are broken down depending on the type of dishes such as pork, poultry, red meat, fish, salads, seafood and shellfish, stir-fries, soups, snacks, breakfasts and desserts, vegetables and sides, dips and lacto- fermented vegetables. The recipes for each of these dishes are comprehensive, including all the ingredients, how to go about preparing and a photo to demonstrate the final product; it is hard not get hungry just by reading it.The book is also simple, easy to read and understand.

The paleo meal plan will come in handy for people trying out paleo diet plan for the first time. A new diet requires proper meal planning particularly when cooking for a large group or on a budget. With so many recipes included in the book, it is hard deciding on what to make for what day. Sebastian provides a meal plan creating structure for those trying the paleo diet plan for the first time.

The final book is a guide to paleo herbs and spices. It covers more than 25 herbs and spices offering insight on the medicinal properties, nutritional value and historical roots of the herbs. In addition, the book gives instructions on which herbs go best with which dishes.

The paleo diet plan is guaranteed to help lose weight and increase energy levels. However, like most diets lack of variety makes them boring. This is not the case with the Paleo Recipe Book with more than 300 recipes.

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